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What is cloud-based accounting software?

Cloud-based accounting software also known as web-based accounting software or online accounting software is like traditional accounting software, but the accounting software is hosted on a remote server. The data is sent to "the cloud" server; it is processed there and returned to the user.

The cloud accounting software is based on the Software as a Service (SaaS) business model which makes the complex accounting process streamlined, simplified, and automatic. With just an internet connection and smart device business owners can easily access the complete accounting information from anywhere at any time. All the financial information is automatically backed up and updated on the cloud accounting software providing real-time reporting in just a few minutes.

E-Khata offers user-friendly cloud accounting solutions that help businesses streamline core financial operations, boost productivity, and scale at a faster rate. From small traders to medium manufacturers, cloud-based accounting offers a great saving on maintenance and overhead expenses as well as handles multi-currency transactions in varied languages.

Why Does Your Business Need E-khata Cloud Accounting Software?

With E-khata cloud-based accounting software business-critical financial information is safely and securely stored on a remote server, protected by password- lowering the chances of fraud and errors. Plus robust invoicing, powerful reports, accurate sales orders, inventory management, and end-to-end accounting solutions much more are at your fingertips with cloud solutions.

No matter! If you are not a finance professional or accounting expert - E-khata cloud accounting solutions, we simplified the accounting processes!

CheckReal-Time Business Information 24x7

To successfully run a business in the digital era businesses need to access real-time financial information on the go. Cloud accounting offers up-to-date financial information of the business with real-time reporting that helps a business owner make an educated decision about the monetary future of the company. Instead of scrolling through pages of reports manually to make any decision, the cloud solutions offer flexibility to access the financial data anytime, anywhere!

E-khata cloud accounting software is integrated with dynamic features that help businesses focus on growth!

Real-Time Business Information

CheckWork From Anywhere

Collaboration is easy with cloud-based accounting software. If you are traveling on a business trip to any part of the country your accountant needs some reports immediately – with just a few clicks you can generate the reports and share them! Also with E-khata cloud-based accounting programs, you can grant limited access to your accountant or any key stakeholders without sharing bank details. Serve your high-worth client better and increase your savvy accountant efficiency with cloud solutions!

CheckUnmatched Security

Data security is one of the most essential aspects of a business. E-khata cloud accounting we offer advanced, industry-accepted data security to protect your crucial financial data. Unlike in a traditional method, the data is not saved on a physical hard drive; it is safely securely and password protected on a remote cloud server. No accidental data loss and no data theft – the updated data is backed up and running live on the server on an encrypted cloud server.

CheckNo Installation Needed

Cloud accounting offers greater mobility as the server is online business owners need not pay for the license installation on every computer. The data is accessed with the internet on a web browser; all you need is an account log in, scroll the required information - helping you save money on installation, maintenance, up-gradation, and any in-house IT expert.

Why Choose e-khata Cloud Accounting Software ?

By 2030 more than 80 % of businesses will count on cloud technology. Cloud is the future! And cloud investment is a wise decision for businesses thriving for success in the internet-based digital world!

Here's how E-khata cloud accounting solutions can make a difference.

e-khata Cloud Accounting Software

It is simple and hassle-free to set up E-khata cloud solutions as no setup or server installation is required. Simply log in to your cloud accounting information and you are ready to manage your business at your fingertips.

With E-khata cloud-based accounting software updated GST and TDS compliance reports are generated along with stay updated on the changing compliances. With one click view the GST and TDS payments!

Managing piles of paper can be a daunting task for any business owner. With cloud accounting automatically upload your invoices, bills, sales orders, and inventory. Connect your bank account; automatically import bank details with bank integration features – go clutter-free! Paperless!

As an owner, if you are worried about data safety, with E-khata cloud solution get complete peace of mind. We keep all the data safe, secure, and protected with a 128-bit SSL industry-level security protocol. Automate your business and focus on growth!

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